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More Light – Today’s Freemasonry for Men and Women

The arrival in 2017 of the first book in the English language regarding the International Order of Freemasonry for Men and Women Le Droit Humain was heralded as a ground-breaking work.

Here we have the second edition, refreshed and with a new vibrant presentation, which is a must-read for all Freemasons, whether from single-gender Orders or from Le Droit Humain.

This important work, authored by two members of our own Federation, shows how bi-gender Freemasonry forms a part of a larger Masonic family, the liberal, non-dogmatic branch, which includes most of the Masonic Orders in France and in other countries.

This is the story of a truly liberal, spiritual, esoteric and philosophical Freemasonry, which follows a secular spiritual path. The authors draw on the various strands that have come together to make Freemasonry what it is today, from the Ancient Mysteries, Mithraism, Eleusis and medieval operative stonemasons.

More Light will be a revelation, to men and women alike, whether already members of a Masonic Order or not.

More Light is available in softback, 140 pages, richly illustrated and is available from Amazon at £16.99. (Kindle version also available)

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The Other Brotherhood: When Freemasonry Crossed The English Channel

The Other Brotherhood: when Freemasonry crossed the English Channel by Darren Lorente- Bull, published by Masonica Es in October 2019 explains the story of the other Freemasonry, a freemasonry which accepts women and atheists among its ranks, works the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite and how it developed from English speculative Freemasonry. The book has 206 pages and is available from Amazon AT £14.68.

“This new book by Darren Lorente-Bull The Other Brotherhood: When Freemasonry Crossed the English Channel is an excellent book, being perfect for Freemasons and non-Freemasons alike who want to explore the origins of Freemasonry and to examine how it influenced French thought in the eighteenth century to become a unique but equally diverse society. Lorente-Bull also discusses the Grand Orient de France and the development of Co-Masonry, esoteric and philosophical elements, and the many transitions that the society has gone through. In short, this book is a must for everyone with an interest in Freemasonry, and even rounds off with a collection of insightful interviews with present day Freemasons, which give a contemporary view of Masonry. A great book.”

The book is available on amazon

A Tale of Six Triangles

Our Federation is putting out green shoots

Growth in our Federation is vital if we are to survive and flourish, and there are many initiatives in hand at the moment, spearheaded by energetic and committed Brethren to found new Triangles and to grow recently formed ones. Below is a progress report on our six Craft Triangles. A Triangle is, in effect, an embryonic Lodge, without the necessary minimum number of M∴M∴s to be consecrated as such. Hence they cannot confer degrees, and when a candidate comes forward, the MPGC or another member of the Triangle of the 33° must confer the degree on behalf of the Triangle.

Kenilworth – Warwickshire


The Kenilworth Golf Club in Kenilworth, Warwickshire, is the meeting place for the new fledgling Triangle. Their inaugural meeting was held on 13 January when they interviewed their first candidate.New applicants are welcome. All went well and that their first initiation will took place in February. The name of the Triangle is Love and Unity and their motto will be ‘We are all one divine image of your reflection’.

Glenrothes – Fife, Scotland


Two esoterically minded people from this town were keen to become Freemasons. They are a couple in their early thirties who want to be initiated and establish a triangle in Scotland, the first LDH presence there for quite a few years since Lodge Osiris went into abeyance. They have been interviewed and later initiated at a special lodge meeting at Hexagon House on 9 February. There will then be publicity and marketing initiatives in their home town and surrounding area to attract others who might wish to be involved in the formation of a triangle.

Norwich – Norfolk


A male applicant from Norwich, not just content with being initiated into an existing lodge, is keen to become a member of the British Federation and spread the light of Freemasonry for Men and Women in East Anglia, by finding other like-minded people local to him and working with them to form a triangle. He has been interviewed and now initiated along with others at a special event in February. As a result of the above three initiatives, a special meeting was held at Hexagon House on Saturday 9 February in order to initiate applicants from the three above embryo Triangles. The Consistory sought the help of AIM members and provide officers to conduct this ceremony.

Brighton & Hove – Sussex


On Thursday 29 November the Brighton & Hove Triangle was consecrated at the Village Hall, Ovingdean, Brighton. The Triangle first met in January 2018. One or two Brethren had been discussing the idea of re-establishing a Droit Humain presence in Brighton and Hove for a year or so but it wasn’t until August 2017 that a plan was agreed. The first step was to find suitable premises which was not easy. Eventually, by November 2017, they had found a Jewish Community Centre in Hove who were happy to let them meet there. They subsequently decided to move to the Ovingdean Village Hall in April 2018. They have now had requests from two non- masons as applicants and both have now been initiated.

Y Ddraig – Chipping Sodbury, Gloucestershire

Ch.pping sudbury

Y Ddraig Triangle meets in Chipping Sodbury in the Orient of South Gloucestershire, and are planning to form a Lodge within the coming twelve months. While still small in numbers, its members are hugely committed to the success of this Triangle. They conducted an initiation and a passing in November – no mean feat in one day, but helped by members from Hexagon House, it proved to be a very enjoyable day. The fact of having to set up the Temple each time is proving to be useful instruction for younger members. They have had a range of enquiries over the year although, as ever, Freemasonry is not right for everybody and so they keep looking for more enquirers and symbolically open their doors – and always their hearts – to those who are genuine seekers and willing to join them. The Triangle is planning an Open Day for 2019. Meetings are on the third Saturday of the month and the Triangle welcomes visitors from other lodges.

Tir N’An Oige – London

TNO Banner

The name of the Triangle - Tir Na nÓg or Tir na hOige - means ‘Land of the Young’ or ‘Land of Youth’ in Old Irish. This is a revival of an old Lodge of the British Federation which went into abeyance and a distinctive feature of the Triangle is the working of the Irish Ritual, an ancient Masonic ritual which predates the Emulation ritual of 1816. Interestingly, the congenial venue of the Triangle is the Civil Service Club in the heart of London’s Westminster, which promises to make this Triangle an ideal Lodge for visiting members of other Federations of Le Droit Humain as well as other masonic Orders in amity with the British Federation. This is a Triangle which attracts people from very diverse backgrounds and disciplines, united in their common interest in esoteric subjects and the role of Freemasonry in the Western Mystery Tradition. The Triangle has five members and three candidates awaiting Initiation which is very exciting. It will soon become a fully fledged Lodge which, given its central London location, we hope will showcase the esoteric and spiritual model of Freemasonry practised by the British Federation of Le Droit Humain.




What makes the British Federation such a special and unique Masonic Order? As a recently affiliated member perhaps I can humbly offer an answer to this question being as I am new to the order and, in theory, totally unbiased. Maybe not totally unbiased since I do have a point of reference to which I can compare Le Droit Humain: my previous Masonic reincarnation.

I think that disagreement with the 1717 Anderson constitution landmarks is an obvious place to start for a member of Le Droit Humain and I also think that this is a subject that is so clear to us who disagree with these landmarks (or some of them, in particular with the prohibition to accept women) that there is no need to further discuss it. Suffice it to say that to exclude more than fifty per cent of the human population is in itself a disregard for the Democratic essence of Freemasonry. It reminds me of how Aristoteles talks about the freedom and democratic values of Greek citizens in his “Politics” without sparing one thought for those who didn’t have the rank of citizen, i.e. the slave population.

A very odd notion of democracy indeed.

001u052v6pdIt is also important to note that there isn’t “one Freemasonry” but several Masonic orders or models of Freemasonry roughly split between Regular or Dogmatic orders (depending on the point of view of the speaker, pretty much like the difference between the use of the terms terrorist and freedom fighter) and Irregular or Liberal orders (ditto). Some Masonic orders focus on the social and fraternal aspects of the Craft and don’t get too involved with the symbolic and esoteric side of Freemasonry. Other Masonic orders are really involved in social and political affairs and yet other orders see Freemasonry as the heir of the Enlightenment and approach the Craft from a philosophical standpoint. Remarkably or paradoxically I might say, for some Masonic orders Freemasonry isn’t a spiritual pursuit.

But Le Droit Humain, I am learning, does see Freemasonry mainly as a spiritual and intellectual pursuit and aligns it with the Western Mystery Tradition. In the words of our M.P. S. C Brian Roberts:

Freemasonry is an initiatory system containing the keys to the Ancient mysteries, which are experienced through a series of mystery dramas designed to open up and deepen our awareness and understanding”

This is exactly the same conclusion I had reached on my own during my ten years in Freemasonry- although I appeared to be the only one reaching this conclusion in my old Order. It would be fanciful to pretend that what we do today in a Masonic meeting is what the High Priests from Eleusis did in their Mysteries or that the first Freemason was an Egyptian Pharaoh or a Gnostic leader from the I Century or even an alchemist from the middle ages but it is clear that there is such an undercurrent in the history of Western culture, a golden thread, and that Freemasonry is an expression of that undercurrent today. Freemasonry is at the end of a long line- that golden thread- that started with the Ancient Mysteries and continued with the Gnostics, the Neo- Platonists, the Alchemists, Renaissance Magic and Kabbalism, the Rosicrucians etc.

demeterThe Eleusinian mysteries were open to everyone: men, women and slaves. There were processions and initiation ceremonies. The mysteries tried to repair or heal the loss described in the myth of Persephone and Demeter in order to achieve a kind of magical summoning of agricultural fertility. The intention was not unlike the one that the people who lived in the Neolithic period had when they painted enormous, disproportionate Mammoths in their caves with the hope of hunting down the largest possible pray available: an act of sympathetic magic, of transferring the ideal into the real in order to obtain tangible results. I personally believe that what we do in Freemasonry, among other things, is to unite that which has been dispersed. Masonic ritual demands that we acquire self knowledge and perhaps knowledge of the Divine or the Transcendent.

And the British Federation is entirely focused on this notion as far as I can see. This may be partly due to the Theosophical background of the founder but can also be seen in the names of the lodges: Light of Amen Ra, Maa Kheru, Golden Rule, Hermes, St Germain...and also in the particular mottos of these lodges: “The light is within you, let the light shine” “From the Unreal lead us to the Real, from Darkness to Light, from Death to Immortality” etc.

I have been privileged to witness this spiritual and intellectual pursuit first hand in a number of degree ceremonies. But I have also been very privileged to see the fraternal side of the British Federation in action when the new R.W.M was installed in the Chair of King Solomon recently at a lodge meeting. The warmth, the fraternalism and dare I say it the love shown to both the Master Elect and the Installing Master was touching. In fact it was something tangible that permeated the whole ceremony.

This is an order in which one can always be an absolute beginner, a permanent entered apprentice regardless of his or her Masonic rank- chatting in the library with a long serving R.W.M and a MM I was made aware of some analogies between the mudras from Yoga and the signs and grips used in Freemasonry, both miles away culturally but human expressions, perhaps, of the desire to unite Mind, Body and Soul. There is never a dull conversation rn 14f2in Hexagon House. Not one mention of golf or of Masonic rank in fact. Rank is about service in the British Federation: As Georges Martin said somewhere the difference between a MM and a 33 degree in Le Droit Humain is that both have the same rights but the 33 degree brother (sister) has more responsibilities. I noticed this from the first day. For the members of Le Droit Humain rank equals service to others. The beautiful ideal of the Philosopher King springs to mind. Shame we don’t see this in the profane world. Regardless of their rank, the members are constantly learning. When we stop learning we die.

So here is a Masonic order, Le Droit Humain, British Federation, that has managed to combine the fraternal aspects of freemasonry with a stimulating and challenging pursuit of Truth, Self knowledge and spirituality. This has to be the reason why our ritual is filled with Gnostic and neo-platonic references after all.

So to employ a rather crude expression, this model of Freemasonry “ticks all the boxes”. I would like to be able to balance this article by saying something negative. I can’t. The members, my lodge brothers and sisters have been nothing but welcoming, accommodating and supportive. The question wasn’t should I join but rather how could I not join.

I have much to learn and maybe because of this I feel alive again. May God preserve the Craft.

Bro Superabo, Maa Kheeru Lodge 975


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Today's freemasonry for men and women

New Lodges forming

Esoteric study in Brighton & Hove We meet at Ovingdean Village Hall , Ovingdean Road, Ovingdean Brighton BN2 7BB. All are welcome. For further details and to confirm your visit, contact Martyn Yeats on

Brighton & Hove

Forthcoming meetings will gather at the Civil Service Club, More details Contact the Secretary of the Triangle Bro∴Jane Austen-Young

Tir N’An Oige Triangle No. 990

A new lodge for men and women has now been started outside Bristol. More details. There are still opportunities for new members to join Contact Us

Bristol lodge

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Oct 2019

First impressions of a new member

What makes the British Federation such a special and unique Masonic Order? As a recently affiliated member perhaps I can humbly offer an answer to this question being as I am new to the order and, in theory, totally unbiased. Maybe not totally unbiased since I do have a point of reference to which I can compare Le Droit Humain: my previous Masonic reincarnation. Read More

Bro Superabo, Maa Kheru Lodge 975

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"Withdraw within yourself, and examine yourself. If you do not yet therein discover beauty, do as the artist, who cuts off, polishes, purifies until he has adorned his statue with all the marks of beauty. Remove from your soul, therefore, all that is superfluous, straighten out all that is crooked, purify and illuminate what is obscure, and do not cease perfecting your statue until the divine resplendence of virtue shines forth upon your sight"

~ Plotinus


(es-uh-ter-ik)    "adjective

1.    understood by or meant for only the select few who have special knowledge or interest; recondite: poetry full of esoteric allusions.
2.    belonging to the select few.
3.    private; secret; confidential.
4.    (of a philosophical doctrine or the like) intended to be revealed only to the initiates of a group: the esoteric doctrines of Pythagoras."


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