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To learn more about the history of the British Federation, here is Address delivered by the V⸫ Ill⸫ Bro⸫ Francesca Arundale, 33⁰, at the Joint Meeting of the four London Lodges, on Friday, May 21st, 1915. Click here


Freemasonry is a not a religion, nor is membership based on religious beliefs; it is a fraternal organisation based on free-thinking, harmony and balance, tolerance and equality, admitting men and women equally.

The International Order of Freemasonry for Men and Women LE DROIT HUMAIN provides a path for personal spiritual growth holds the keys to ancient secrets and mysteries develops the mind, body and spirit helps to connect us with who we really are – the real “me”.The keys are experienced through a series of dramas and rituals designed to open up and deepen our awareness and understanding of the more hidden aspects of life.


Keys – opens, unlocks, allows access to something barred, not usually available. Specific keys for the right locks. Ancient secrets and mysteries – Eleusian Mysteries, Ancient Egyptian Mysteries and others. Point us towards spiritual perfection (outside the context of religious dogma). Experienced – involved, participation, presence. Active rather than passive. Use of more than one sense. Impacts at various levels, some little known or understood. Dramas and rituals – specially written playlets that convey different aspects of the ancient mystery traditions. Each stage or series is another part of the whole. One leads to the next. Open up/deepen – points to/indicates what was not previously apparent. Increase in knowledge and insight. Seeing something in a new light/seeing the same thing differently. Awareness – gives the opportunity to become conscious of things above or below our normal sphere of consciousness. Understanding – we can convey knowledge, but can’t teach understanding; that only comes from insight and intuition, applying what we learn, and all Masonic teachings help us in that application. The more hidden aspects of life – mysteries of life and death, the universe, our position within the vast eternal plan. Evolution of the soul. Freemasonry helps us to understand that the Big Bang was actually no more than a WHISPER.

The International Order of Freemasonry for Men and Women LE DROIT HUMAIN promotes the following:the universe was created for a purposefreemasonry helps to develop that purpose by endeavouring to unravel universal truthsfreemasonry is a force for good, with high principles and ideals and without dogma, working to unify humanity but not to control it spiritual experience and valuesthe use of symbols, to be interpreted according to wit, ability, vision and knowledge. Symbols are like words in a universal languageself-development. Participation in masonic work trains the mind, develops the personality and brings poise and confidencefellowship – provides the opportunity to meet and work with others of like mind and spiritual aspirationsa broader understanding and belief in the higher nature of humanity